Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday gone bad...

Yesterday was going pretty good. I’ve gotten a lot of things done around the house since the girls started back to school and it feels good. Call me crazy, but my whole peace of mind is better when my house is clean. I love it when everything is in its place and I like the smell of cleaning supplies.

Both the girls were home from school, I had picked Rea up and Syd had come home in her spiffy blue car, homework was almost done and it was time for Rea to leave for soccer and there was a knock at the door.

The elementary school had kicked off their wrapping paper sales drive and a neighbor boy was at the door wanting me to buy some stuff. Since we were leaving, I asked him to come back later.

Nelson was at the door with Rea and me as we talked with the kid, and had sniffed him and everything. But when the boy turned to go down the sidewalk, he started to run, and when he did, Nelson gave chase and started nipping at his legs. Which caused the kid to scream. Which caused Nelson to get more excited! Which caused Nelson to nip at him MORE. Which caused the kid to SCREAM MORE!

Rea was screaming and running. And I am yelling: JUST STOP! STAND STILL!

When the kid finally stopped, Nelson stopped and I was able to get him. AND BUST HIS FURRY LITTLE BUTT. I didn’t realize until that point that the kid had run completely out of his flip-flops, but wasn’t hurt, just rattled.

Danny wasn’t home yet; and I hit him at the door with the news that his favorite furry buddy tried to make a snack out of a neighbor kid. It wasn’t exactly the news he needed – this was the icing on the cake of a very crappy day. It seems the day he dreaded is here. His full time job is now conflicting with his part time job, which may lead to players on both sides questioning his loyalty. Tough decisions lie ahead.

So much for my nice Thursday. Now I had too much on my mind to even notice my good smelling orderly house. There was lots of worrying by all parties involved and not much sleep to be had here last night.

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