Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anda one, Anda two....

Rea just started Sixth Grade and that means she can now start band and learn to play an instrument. I’ve really encouraged Rea to join the band, I’d love to see her stick it out through high school, of all the things our school system seems to be getting wrong right now, the band program isn’t one of them. I was a band member through high school. Now, our band pretty much STUNK, but it was MY band, and we had a pretty good time and it certainly gave me a sense of place, that as a high-schooler I so desperately needed.

On Monday night, Danny, Rea and I attended a band meeting where they give you all the hype about how WONDERFUL band is, how it will TRANSFORM your child, etc. and that our offspring needs to select an instrument to play. To that end, the two band directors have conducted mouthpiece tests on each child and have recommendations for each student.

And how convenient – two BAND RENTAL companies are waiting just outside the doors to rent us instruments RIGHT THEN! Wonder who thought of that?

A small debate, shall we say, about instrument selection, had been waging before we ever got to the school. You see, Rea had two instruments to choose from: the flute or the trumpet. I had been LOBBYING all week for flute. There are a lot of pros where a flute is concerned: it is small and portable, you can stick it in your pocket, it makes a beautiful sound when played correctly, and most importantly, IT IS MUCH EASIER ON THE NERVES DURING PRACTICE AT HOME.

Rea was leaning toward trumpet – her reasoning? She wants to learn to play the opening strains of the Indiana Jones theme song. End of story.

So, we get in line at one of the oh, so conveniently positioned rental companies, I’m trying to get Danny to join in with me in a united front about the flute. And he, who played a trumpet for like maybe two years in middle school, takes one look into Rea’s blue eyes and turns to me and says: But, honey, she has her heart set on playing the trumpet.

I think HE wanted that DAMN trumpet.

Yesterday was the first day that the trumpet was here and it was OH SO LOVELY. And guess WHO wasn’t home to hear it? Syd has already threatened to “unravel” the trumpet and do something very unsavory with it.

Maybe I’ll help her and we’ll do it do Danny.


Terry said...

Look on the bright side - she could have set her heart on the drums. ;P

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was going to say the same thing! (My son played drums....)


Nelson's Mama said...

Luckly percussion wasn't even an option yet - they have to learn an "instrument" first and to read music, then they can go on to drums. I still have that bridge to cross!