Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My little brother...

On this day in 1974 my brother Jay was born. He was like a doll baby to me; he was tiny, perfect and beautiful. As a twelve year old little girl you couldn’t have asked for anything neater.

Poor child, I drug him with me everywhere, he went to the roller-rink and the lake. I even took him to cruise town - by five he had circled the court square in my hometown more times than any self respecting seventeen year old boy.

Jay was only seven when I got married and I missed him desperately, my heart yearned for him in a way that I now understand. It’s a little like I feel when I’m away from my girls for too long – maybe not quite so intense, but close.

My Mom worked full-time and the main way I helped out was with Jay; I won’t even pretend to tell you that I did much of anything else, but I would like to think that I did do my part when it came to him. Even from the time he was tiny I was allowed and trusted to care for him. I learned a lot by practicing on Jay and when my first daughter was born it was like getting back on a bike.

Maybe it’s not something that he or anyone will ever understand, but his greatest gift to me is how he helped me be a Mom. Besides already knowing what to do; I knew the love of a child. And there is nothing better.


Anonymous said...

Remember when we went to Florida and the whole way he sat between the front seats (on the arm rest) turned towards us in the back seat. He had on cowboy boots and a cowboy hat? (He could kick hard in those cowboy boots!)

Remember us threatening him that we were going to drop him off at the KY state police station on our way to Paducah?

Remember when he rode around piney campground with Clancy pulling him on his skateboard?

Remember when Don and Dano had to borrow money from him and Chris at Spinakers?

Remember when Jay said that my and Don's wedding was the last one he was going to be in?

I could go on and on and on.... My favorite memory is how much Jay loved Kyle when he was little.


Nelson's Mama said...

Yes - I absolutely remember!!

Even as mean as he was I think you loved him almost as much as I did!