Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't mind me...

I’m thinking that maybe this new hobby of Danny’s is starting to have a negative effect on his mental health.

He was in his usual place the other night. The garage. But when I opened the door to ask him something, he was standing there with a shotgun - aiming at the ceiling. AND IT WAS COMPLETELY DARK.

For reasons that I don’t know and or care to understand, he had one of his guns out, with a little bitty flashlight somehow attached to it...and he was pointing it at the ceiling.

He would aim one direction and then quickly swing and aim at another imaginary target (in the dark) on the other side of the garage. He was very enthusiastic with his aiming too, it was if he was tracking lions or something in there.

Kinda makes your heart race when you open your garage door and witness a scene like that.

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