Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Boy Nelson is two today...

…and for the most part he has been a complete joy (I won’t dwell on his recent indiscretion with the wrapping paper salesman).

I love the way he greets us all when we come home. I can see him watching for me through the front door and by the time I pull in the driveway, he has wriggled his way through the pet door and is waiting in the garage. Usually with a stuffed animal in his mouth.

I get tickled at the way he wags his kinked up little tail and the way it makes his whole body wiggle. It kills me the way he army crawls across the floor when you talk to him. I get a kick out of watching him launch off of our bed to chase Vivi and Oscar – knowing full well if him EVER catches one of them he is going to be REALLY SORRY.

I like that he wants to go pick up Rea from school and that he actually seems to recognize the middle school building. The greetings she gets each afternoon are priceless.

I love that Scout and Trooper’s humans love him too…he hangs out at their house; scratches on the door, sleeps on their dog beds, pretty much makes himself at home. We sometimes have to call at night and say: “Would you tell Nelson that it is time to come home?” And they do…and he does.

And I love that Nelson sleeps on Danny’s side on the bed…although Danny claims that he doesn’t like him at all.


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