Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's the little things...

Danny and I both grew up in a very rural area and from time to time we get on a kick to move out of our densely populated neighborhood. I would love to have a garden, to grow a few tomatoes and some pole beans. Danny would like to be able to shoost his guns. Needless to say, that might raise an eyebrow or two around here. Plus, our covenants prohibit us from having a clothes line. Now, don’t think I would be hanging all of my stuff outside, but let me tell you, this country girl would have her sheets out there EVERY WEEK. There is nothing like slipping into bed between clean, outside sheets!

But, I started all of that to tell about a sweet little story that we witnessed Sunday afternoon, that, if we lived out somewhere, perhaps in Moore County, we wouldn’t have had the privilege to see.

Danny and I were sitting in the driveway late in the afternoon, enjoying the unseasonably mild weather. Shelley was outside with us (and no, she wasn’t on the golf cart). It was nice to see her outside, because as she ages she spends more and more time indoors.

Now, Shelley is friendly and personable, but doesn’t go up to “strangers” and stays really close to home. But on Sunday she made a bee-line down the driveway and crossed the street over to where our neighbor was out in his yard - we couldn’t figure out what she was doing. Well, Mr. Shi was in his yard watering his landscaping and Shelley walked right up to him and nudged him with her nose! Shelley let Mr. Shi scratch her head then… she asked for a drink from his water hose.

That’s right. She had heard him watering, was thirsty and crossed the street for a drink. We sat and watched as Mr. Shi kindly turned down the pressure on his water hose and patiently waited for our elderly dog to drink her fill.

Mr. Shi knew exactly what Shelley wanted; and he didn't see us watching. Was this a routine that the two of them had been going through for quite some time that we were just now privy to?

I know most of you probably think that’s a dumb story and don’t think it’s sweet at all. But, the Shi’s don’t have pets, and are Chinese. I don’t profess to know much of their culture, but from what I do understand, pets were not an important part of their everyday life growing up. However, they treat every animal that passes through their yard with the same love and gentleness. While we struggle mightily to communicate with the them - we could not ask for better neighbors.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to be thankful for what I have. If we had had that place “out” somewhere like we dream of, I would have missed that small act of kindness, from that gentle soul, for that decrepit old dog.

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That was so sweet!