Friday, February 26, 2010


I know that I keep saying that I'm going to blog more – and I really want to, but honestly, I've holed up in the house like a hermit to avoid the cold and will do almost anything to keep from cleaning up, applying make-up and putting on something besides yoga pants and Uggs and leaving the house; that doesn't leave me many opportunities to find interesting topics.

And while I'm confessing, I'll just tell you straight up, my standards are slipping. There a few days, here and there, that slip by that I absolutely refuse to shower – because there is one thing that I hate and that's getting C.O.L.D and if I'm all snuggy and warm and haven't set foot outside all day nor broken a sweat, I just don't see the point in getting all wet and cold. And for the record, shampoo does too count as facial cleanser, just sayin'

Nelson has even joined me in my hermit-ness, preferring to spend most of his days sleeping in his basket or on the back of the couch. He rarely ventures outside and save for their early morning wake-up visit for a little breakfast; Scout and Trooper are spending most of their time inside snoozing too. Those crazy Shih Tzu's aren't offering me much material these days either.

Some New Year's Eve shenanigans involving a broom have left me with a bum shoulder; I'll fill you in on the details when I know more – but let's just say that my orthopedic guy and I were already on a first name basis and it's looking like we may be exchanging Christmas Cards before I'm through with this. My achy shoulder has just been another excuse for me to hide in the house and huddle on the couch with Nelson and my good friend – the muscle relaxer.

Nelson and I will update soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Apparently during the dark hours of the night, some wee rodent was captured and partially consumed by some feline resident of the house.

Nelson discovered what remained of the victim (a tee tiny rump and a nub of a tail) wedged underneath the wheel of a plant stand in the dining room.

Now, nearly TWO HOURS later, he's still convinced that rodent parts still remain on the wheel of the plant stand.

For heaven's sake dog - GIVE IT A REST!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The age of majority?

Syd turns eighteen today - I've tried not to spend the morning reflecting on where those years have gone, but it's inevitable that my mind goes back to those first sweet hours the day she was born. We'd waited a long time for a baby and she was perfect. [Who am I kidding? What Mom says their baby isn't?] She had TONS of black hair, arrived looking as if she'd been tanning already and loved to snuggle. I was in heaven.

Had I known that she was going to projectile vomit EVERYWHERE for the next year or so, my enthusiam might just have been a tad less.

Somehome, Syd has mananged to survive all of our parenting snafu's and is now entering adulthood as a quiet, reserved, witty, shy, smart, beautiful, intelligent, practical, pragmatic, young woman.

Although I feel like our job as parents is far from over, she has reached adulthood - in a legal sense and I sincerely hope that we've done a good job of preparing her for life. Because, today she became able to do some Very Important Stuff like: sign a contract, serve in the military, vote, serve on a jury, and be arrested as an adult.

I feel like we've covered the basics points of life - please, thank you, laundry, driving, errands, getting up and getting to school on time, crossing the street and a checking account.

But somehow, when they gave us the baby handbook at the hospital it was missing a section on all this Very Important Stuff that we should have talked about long before today.

We need to get busy - we've got lots of makeup work to do.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello, My name is Nelson’s Mama

I am a Nose-Spray Addict.

I have been addicted to nose-spray for 19 years. Then, thanks to an intervention staged by a nurse practioner a few years back, with the help of steroids and the grace of the Lord Almighty, I've been in recovery and nose-spray free…until recently.

But sadly, I seem to have fallen off of the nose-spray wagon and am back to my old ways of late; I'm having a really tough time avoiding my old friend, the lure of the spray has just been too much for me and I've succumbed .

I truly thought I was past the days of paying $8.00 dollars for a bottle of nose-spray at a gas station, or that I would never again share nose-spray with someone else [yes, sprayers share – we are no better than heroin addicts – willing to stoop to unbelievable lows for that next fix].

But this week, I knew that I had officially fallen, relapsed – it hit me squarely in the face when I willing and knowingly ventured outside at 4:00 AM in nothing but a short-tailed gown and my Uggs to retrieve my purse from my Tahoe, because it contained my ONE and ONLY bottle of nose-spray.

That my friends, is desperation

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life Lesson

It would be prudent to remember that just because a vehicle looks like yours, the automatic door thingamajig just might not unlock the doors.

You can stand in the drug store parking lot and pull on the door for a SWEET FOREVER and it's

Lest you want to look like a fool, I'd suggest checking a space or three to the right.

For what it's worth...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A snowy weekend

The snow that arrived on Friday was a great excuse for me to hibernate over the weekend – I have all the makings of a hermit these days, taking any excuse at all to hunker down in the house and refuse to leave.

I think that’s one reason I don’t really mind winter, I feel less guilty about being a housecat; I can cozy up with a great book or my computer, put something good to cook on the stove, get into my comfortable sweats, hang out with my favorite people, my favorite Tzu – crank up the fake fireplace and all is copacetic in my world.

I didn’t even stick a toe out the door until Sunday afternoon and that was done under protest – Rea returned from a church trip and had the gall to suggest that I leave my cozy nest and come pick her up.

For some reason she balked at my suggestion that she walk home.