Sunday, March 6, 2011

Justice for Henry

I know My Boy Nelson has been pretty quiet for a while, but there’s something that I want to share, something that I pray each of you will take the time to read and hopefully pass on and share with others.

In April 2010, Henry Granju, an 18-year old child, arrived at a Knoxville emergency room suffering from an overdose and it also appeared that he had been badly beaten. Henry spent three days on life support and gradually made some improvement, however Henry’s brain injuries were quite severe and 38 days after he was admitted to the hospital, Henry died. Henry’s family has been fighting tirelessly to bring the individuals that were involved in his death to justice – it is a long and complicated story and his mother, Katie Allison Granju writes about it on her blog I’m providing a link and I sincerely hope you’ll take this opportunity to go there and read about their journey.

Sadly, more families than you can even imagine have been touched by the pain of drug and alcohol addiction. Parts of this story is so familiar and could be that of your neighbor, friend or family member – beautiful young men or women that I have known and loved – some that I still feel so very LUCKY to have and love with all my heart, others that aren’t and I am left with nothing but beautiful memories.

Please help the Granju family find justice for Henry.