Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Road Trip!

Did you catch the article in this issue of Southern Living about the Neshoba County Fair? Apparently it's a 119-year-old Mississippi tradition that I'm just hearing about - and what a tradition it is. Those crazy people take the county fair to a whole new level, and does it ever look like fun!

Mississipians come from near and far and simply live at the county fairgrounds for the whole week, in little cabins. The cabins are valued real estate, handed down from generation to generation, they are highly sought after. Sounds like a Derby Box in Kentucky or a cottage in the Assembly in Monteagle.

"Mississippi's Giant Houseparty" sounds right up my alley! Lots of food, friends, music and adult beverages. From what I understand, the kids just run amok, playing in the mud, having water balloon fights, riding rides 'til they drop and eating corndogs. [I read that the parents write their cabin number on their kid's leg with a magic marker, sounds like my kind of supervision.] Can you imagine being a ten-year-old and spending a WEEK at the county fair??

I kept reading about one event that I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around - The Chair Race. Couldn't quite understand What or Why. I still don't actually - but I found it on YouTube!

I don't know about any of you, but I'm thinking that it's dang near worth driving to Neshoba County Mississippi just to witness this event in person!

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one crafty mama said...

you do know i am from north mississippi and have been there to the fair. it IS fun. we should go...