Monday, June 8, 2009

Beware of Dog

Our Annual Neighbor Yard Sale was Saturday morning - it's a free-for-all that packs our subdivision with cars, people, golf carts and involves quite a bit of neighbors swapping their unwanted crap back and forth between one another. This year was much calmer than in years past; two other subdivisions had their sale on the same day, so at least we didn't have grid-lock on Saturday.

Syd and I had gone through closets, both attics and found bedding, household items, clothes, shoes, comforters and...old Halloween costumes.

Late Friday afternoon we looked over and Rea was squeezing herself into an old Disney Dalmatian costume that fit her some four years ago. It was...quite funny. [But not as funny as watching some unnamed adult squeeze into it the night it was purchased 'lo those many years ago].

And the Dalmatian situation went to the dogs from there - Rea stood in the front yard and BARKED at cars and pedestrians. Eventually, Syd and I got into the spirit and dared her to run with Nelson and bark at the invisible fence line; or go across the street and torment the neurotic golden retriever. But, she got self-conscious by that point and converted back to a twelve-year old girl.

The topping on the cake was on Saturday morning when some new neighbors came by the yard sale to introduce themselves. As they walked up the drive they saw the costumes hanging up and I heard the wife exclaim "I told you that was a dog that waved at us yesterday and not a cow!"

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That was funny! in florida