Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The microwave has gone flop-bott...

The door refuses to more Orville Redenbocker's...nobody knows how to heat up left-overs without it...the light is on perpetually...and we were banging our heads on the door every time we walked by.

The masking tape was Danny's solution - lovely isn't it?

The afternoon the microwave died, everybody was in the kitchen poking on all the buttons, trying to slam the door and "persuade" it to latch. Then all at once I got it to come on! There was one small problem though - the door was open and I was convinced that I was nuking my insides with radiation. I kept standing there, trying to hold the door shut, yelling for Danny to run to the garage and turn the power off, basically having a melt-down. For some reason, no one else got excited...

You know, they shouldn't put the exhaust fan button so close to the START button on a microwave. That's just not cool. I think I lost a good five years off of my life.

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