Sunday, July 5, 2009

Neptune, Neptune...

This eating money thing is getting OLD. So very, very old.

Neptune started clacking a week or so ago, then on Tuesday night he started whining and dinging that he couldn't DRAIN. So,our Maytag Man drug his innards out and sure enough he'd tried to digest an Oklahoma Commemorative Quarter.

Yesterday, as we were trying to get ready to go to Fourth of July festivities, I threw a load of jeans into Neptune. In light of all of Neptune's recent issues, I diligently checked the pockets of all the jean shorts of everyone - except Maytag Man. Maytag Man NEVER leaves money in his jeans or shorts - in fact, he lectures me constantly because the change from my pockets is the main reason that Neptune suffers from digestive discomfort.

Anyhoo, as the load was trying to finish, Neptune started whining and dinging about SUDS and DRAINING - you could plainly hear MONEY in the pump. So once again, Maytag Man takes apart Neptune and what does he find?

An Oklahoma Commemorative Quarter that a lonely repairman had dropped in his pocket...

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