Thursday, June 4, 2009

If You Give a Shih Zhu a Cookie

Last night, before bed, I was doing the usual – gathering up all the shoes that some nameless twelve-year old simply walked out of, throwing away empty drink cans and cleaning up the dirty dishes.

For some reason known only to the above mentioned twelve-year old, there was a small plate, with one, lonely, chocolate chip cookie left sitting on the end table. Instead of tossing the cookie in the trash, I offered it to Nelson – and he acted pretty danged pleased, and trotted off proudly to the other room to eat his prize.

About ten minutes later, Danny came through the Family Room and noticed something lying in Nelson’s basket – it was the cookie, guess it wasn’t really to his liking after all and he thought he’d save it for later. When he noticed us noticing his cooking, he decided that perhaps he’d better act more appreciative, so he scooped it up and carried it to the bedroom and put the cookie in Shelley’s bed.

Once he had deposited the cookie in Shelley’s bed, he spent a great deal of time trying to “bury” it with his nose – and when that didn’t work, he laid there and looked at it until Ben decided to come in and check it out. That just pushed entirely too many buttons. Nelson let Ben sniff his cookie for a good bit, then he lost control and it wasn’t pretty. Fortunately, Ben isn't the excitable type and he merely stepped off the dog bed and preceded to wash himself.

Nelson then he very begrudgingly ate the cookie – you could tell he didn’t like it at all – but he wasn’t going to let that cat have one single crumb.

I don’t think there was any point telling him that cats don’t like chocolate chip cookies either.



If you give a mouse a cookie ...

One of my most favorite books. Having four boys I've thought of doing one called, "If you give a teenage boys a cookie... he'll probably ask for a dozen more."


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Jim Voorhies said...

Chocolate is not good for dogs and the ingredients in it can accumulate over time to poison them.