Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Water fascinates me, it always has. I love the way it sparkles when it comes out the end of a garden hose and the cool feel of it on my bare feet as I stand on hot concrete. As a child, I would spend hours playing with a bucket full of water or using a number two washtub as a makeshift kiddie pool.

My parents bought their first boat, a little sixteen foot runabout, when I was just four. It was the first of many boats in my life – I learned to water-ski behind that boat when I was seven. Many sweet summer days were spent skimming across the smooth green water of Kentucky Lake on a slalom ski.

I was a teenager before I went to the beach the first time - and saw the Atlantic Ocean. The water was cold, the waves were big, the undertow strong and it was so salty. I loved it instantly. Now, when I go to the beach, I don’t really like to sit in a chair – I like to stand in the surf, about ankle deep. I watch for little fish, dig for coquinas, search for shells, wonder about life and basically just watch the waves go in and go out.

I’m simply mesmerized.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lady:

Blame Jim Voorhies for me being here.

I grew up landocked and then spent most of 35 years living within 10 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. I now live about 1.5 miles from Lake Ontario (not salty, but pretty darned huge) and that's a good thing. Like the museums, I take great comfort in knowing all that water is nearby and, that should I choose to immerse myself in its wonders, I may do so.

So you're a dog's mommie, but in "human years" you're single? It's okay, I'm old and crazy and to hell and gone from TN.

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(another single parent dog lady)