Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a loser...

So, I've mentioned on more than one occasion that Shelley has chronic halitosis - I can't even begin to describe her breathe here, so I won't even try, and those who are reading here that have the distinct honor of experiencing it, can vouch for it's toxicity.

Each year at her annual exam, the vet suggests that we have her teeth cleaned, but always in an off-handed way. So, we haven't taken him up on his offer because a) Shelley hates going to the vet and b) it's not cheap.

However, Shelley is pushing fourteen years now and a couple of weeks ago it became pretty obvious that a teeth cleaning was a must. I couldn't stand her breathe any longer and had come to the conclusion that she was in some discomfort from her mouth. the vet thinks I am a loser pet parent. Shelley had severe (his word) gum disease, abscessed teeth and ended up having five teeth pulled and she is on an antibiotic for fourteen days.

Twenty-four hours and $188 dollars later and her breathe has already improved...she feels better and I'm forgiven.

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Kelly said...

No you're 13 year old yorkshire terrior lost a number of teeth during yet another one of her procedures, and we had her teeth cleaned several times over the years. It apparently didn't do much good. And it is hard to give a dog antibiotics when she has a sore mouth!