Monday, June 29, 2009

An Even Trade?

I've been pool sitting for some friends - spending valuable time with the pool, making sure that it doesn't leak, checking out all the floats, ensuring that the water temperature is acceptable...

It's a TOUGH job, I have to water all the plants, feed their dog and the worst torture of all...I have to play with FOUR kittens. Lord.Help.Me. What will people ask me to do next?

I've been thinking of taking Oscar out there and swapping him for a kitten before they get home - I think it would be a great trade, they'd probably even come out ahead. Oscar's already fixed, we've invested LOTS of money in him and those kittens are just Starter Cats; they don't have a clue how they are going to turn out.

Oscar...has a proven track record.

1 comment:

Chelsy said...

That is halarious! I wish we could trade jobs for the summer. Don't think I would like yours much during the winter:) Oh, don't forget about scrubbing toilets!!