Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where did she go?

I have several blogs that I am obsessed with - one in particuar l like is "The Underwear Drawer".

The blog is written by a native New Yorker who just finished her anesthesiology residency at Columbia. I'm completely fascinated by her...she's married, has a little boy, a dog, is Asian, has a book deal AND does comic strips. She's like Superwoman. If that isn't enough, this person who has NEVER lived outside of Manhattan just moved to Atlanta - in July, and is pregnant.

Reading about her impressions of the South has been very interesting, and not always funny, to say the least.

But, she has not posted anything since September 1st. She has been blogging for years and had been updating regularly about her new baby, their recent move, her new job, she was twittering (blogging from her PDA) little quips during the day...and she just QUIT.

How weird is it that I am worried about someone that I don't even know? And I'm not alone. Her followers are posting questions hoping she is okay, that all is well.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that she's just taken a blogging hiatus and is focusing on her family and job. Maybe she'll be back soon to entertain me.

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