Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Those happy golden years...

Forty-seven years ago today my parents, Janice and Ronald, were married at the little Methodist church in Lynn Grove. I joined the party nine months and a week later, don’t you know they were thrilled?

We were a threesome for twelve years ‘til Jay came along, but we decided to let him stay. Chris came into our lives as an eleven year old boy and stole our hearts – we decided we needed him too.

Danny and I added the first granddaughter, Syd, at our ten year anniversary and then Rea at our fifteen. Leana, Jay’s little girl, was the third sweet granddaughter to join Janny and Ronald’s clan and just this last October, Chris and his wife Tonya, added little Brilee to the chaos.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad - I’m not sure this is what you had in mind at the end of forty-seven years, but I surely do hope some of it is fun!

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I love your blog!