Monday, September 1, 2008

Is there anything better than a home-grown tomato?

There isn't much to my mind...I even loved them as a child. Once they started ripening in the garden there was always a bowl of sliced ones on the table at supper.

My Mom taught me to eat them with salt; she also introduced me to bacon and tomato sandwiches when I was a little bitty girl. We skip the lettuce, Mom likes mustard on hers and I like Miracle Whip - keep that mayo away!

Could it be that my love of tomatoes is due to the fact that I've always had superior tomatoes to eat? Maybe I'm just spoiled.

We've been to Kentucky over the weekend and I've come home with a treasure-trove of tomatoes from my parents garden. They always plan a small garden, but then Ronald goes overboard on the tomatoes. I didn't count the plants, but I think that fifty is probably a fair number to guess.

Ronald grows Supersteak variety tomatoes, they are his favorite. He searches high and low for them each spring.

As you can see from the one that I am holding, they get HUGE. And they taste even better!

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