Friday, September 19, 2008

What's that???

Nelson rarely misses school drop-off or pick-up - on an occasional morning he might be off with the Shih Zhu brigade and miss the trip, but most afternoons he's right here, waiting with bated breath when I leave to get Rea.

Yesterday I went shopping in Murfreesboro and got home just in time to drop off my loot and grab Nelson for his afternoon joy ride. About five minutes into our trip a stench overtook my vehicle that nearly gagged me - and I had a sneaking suspicion as to how Nelson had spent his day.

He had slipped out the cat door and discovered something dead and had rolled in it. Now I was trapped in the car with him. And guess where he LOVES to ride? MY. LAP. We made the school pick with all of the windows down and the air-conditioner wide open, and me trying to keep Nelson in the passenger seat.

A search of the yard hasn't turned up Nelson's treasure - he has now been tortured with a bath, but I'm sure the first chance he gets he'll be back in the yard for more doggie cologne.

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