Thursday, September 11, 2008


When I got Rea up for school yesterday morning she told me she didn’t feel well; her throat was sore, her head hurt and her stomach didn’t feel good. The day before Danny had come home from work early with some sort of bug so it didn’t seem out of the realm to me that she was a little under the weather. I let her stay home from school – the first day she’s missed since July.

At 9:46 A.M. I received a call from the STATE OF TENNESSEE letting me know that I had not informed them that MY child was not at school. Well, I didn't do anything, cause I thought it seemed like they had figured out that she wasn't there...

Then at 10:15 AM a call from the CITY SCHOOL SYSTEM comes to tell me that Rea is absent. Oh, really. Why don't you call the state? They already know she's missing.

So,finally I relent and called the school and say: Ummm, We keep getting these recordings about Rea being absent, she's SICK.

Oh, yes. YOU, didn’t call a let us know she wasn’t here.

(Thinking): Well, it seemed pretty self-explanatory to me. MY. CHILD. I. KEPT. HER. HOME.

I truly want to be understanding, but you see, Rea has never had an attendance problem. Plus, I'm her Mom. I hurled my guts out for eight months with that kid, birthed her, then nursed her for another nine months. I've wiped her snotty nose, loved her, wailed and gnashed teeth over her.

And if she’s sick and I keep her home, it's a management decision that I made. I’ll get you in the loop when I get damn good and ready.

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