Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ain't she sweet...

This picture comes from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman – they are raising a calf that was rejected by its mom. Isn’t she cute? They haven’t named her yet; but you can go over there and vote if you want. My personal favorite is Janet!

This made me think back to a favorite memory from my childhood, we had friends who would have a couple of bottle calves in the summer. I dearly loved when I would get the opportunity to help feed them. I remember them waiting impatiently in the shed bawling and then how they would butt and push at the bottle. They have the most expressive eyes with beautiful lashes.

My Mom wisely didn’t tell me what fate had in store for those calves; otherwise they would have been smuggled home in the back of the car. And today the thought of them being separated from their mom at such a tender age brings a lump to my throat.

But at eight and nine, it was great fun!

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