Friday, September 26, 2008

My hairy brother

Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly find another dog to write about, I came across this picture and realized that I have completely neglected to tell you about Nelson’s Uncle Gary.

Uncle Gary lives in Kentucky, and his humans are my parents. Gary is a Shih Zhu, like Nelson, but he leans a little to the large side, but we don’t say that very loud around him (or my Mom), because they are sensitive about it, if you know what I mean.

My Mom had wanted a small dog of her own for a good while, so after a year or so without a dog she went and got Gary. Needless to say, Ronald didn’t think they needed a “damn dog” and proceeded to ignore Gary (as he is wont to do) for about three months. And par for the course, once he decided that: Gary was alright, pretty cute and worthy of his attention, Gary promptly transferred his heart and soul to Ronald. Just like every other cat and dog we ever had.

Uncle Gary and Nelson are pretty close in age, I think Gary is only a year or so older – so they are great pals. When we pull into their driveway after our long drive, Gary is waiting there to greet us and it is so cute to see. He and Nelson are like two little kids that cannot wait to play. They run and romp and never have a cross word: they fall right back in step with each other. I love to watch them. Like Nelson, Uncle Gary doesn’t like to miss a car ride; he goes to drop Leana off at school each morning. He’s rides to town with Ronald, loves to ride on the Gator, basically likes most anything on wheels.

Uncle Gary is a bit of a long distance traveler too, he comes here to Tennessee; he’s been to Texas and Michigan and even to Niagara Falls. But poor Gary suffers from separation anxiety, and as a result, he’s left a path of destruction in his wake. There is a hotel somewhere near the Falls that needed extensive redecoration thanks to Gary!

Every Shih Zhu should be so lucky to have an uncle like Gary.

At least Nelson thinks so....

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