Monday, May 26, 2008

Solitary Confinement

We walked in this afternoon and were packing in all of our suitcases and I kept hearing what I thought was a kitten cry. I couldn't find anything, so I looked around in the garage and then in the driveway and I still could hear it crying, so I thought maybe it was a cat bird, but then I heard it again! I'll confess, that a little part of me thought, OH BOY, a new kitten!!! Then, I walked back into the laundry room and I heard it again and then my heart sunk....

Poor, poor Vivian!!! She had spent the entire weekend locked in the laundry room closet - that's her new lair, she likes to sleep in there in a basket of plastic grocery bags. Danny assured me that all three cats were outside when we left Saturday morning. But obviously she was in there taking a nap. I'll be sure and do a head check next time and not take his word on it.

Vivian has been beside herself, and pacing around crying since we got home. She had used the bathroom in the clothes basket in the floor of the closet (who can blame her), but hadn't had any food or water for two days. She's always been a little on the unstable side - who knows what this will push her to???

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