Monday, May 5, 2008

The "Hut"

We have a “hut” on our deck. You know, one of those gazebo things you buy from the local home improvement stores. We don’t have much shade on that corner of our deck, so we bought the gazebo a few summers ago and it’s really pretty neat. We have some furniture in it, and I even have outdoor lamps so I can read at night!

There’s one small problem with it though, rain water collects in a low spot and if you don’t keep the water off it drips through on your head while you are trying to lounge in the hut. It also becomes mosquito central, so we try to be diligent about keeping the water drained.

There is a certain technique to draining the water from the hut. You must be STRAIGHT FORWARD and CONFIDENT, if you are hesitant you WILL get drenched.

Anyhoo, a few days back I was sitting in the hut enjoying the weather and yacking on my cell phone with Jo, and I noticed a new spot of water that had collected. It was on a completely different side from usual, but we’ve had A LOT of rain in the last few weeks, and we hadn’t been out much so I thought it was a new low spot and that we had missed it.

I’m talking on the phone, multi-tasking, (we women are good at that), and remember I said you must be STRAIGHT FORWARD and CONFIDENT about this task. So, talking non-stop, holding the cell phone against my ear and shoulder, I step up on a bench that is in the hut and take both hands and place them CONFIDENTLY under the big pool of water and without HESITATION shoved OSCAR the cat STRAIGHT UP INTO THE SKY. He was scratching and clawing for all he was worth!!!

At this point my conversation with Jo went to Hell in a hand-basket! I was rendered speechless. I couldn’t talk I was laughing so hard. I really thought I might pee on myself. That POOR cat was just laying up there taking a nap and enjoying the sunshine. There was no new pool of water! I can’t imagine what a shock that must have been, what a terrible way to wake up! One second you are sound asleep, the next you’re flying through the air thinking, well, maybe I shouldn’t even go there, because I’m guessing that if Oscar could talk what he would have said would not have been PG rated!!!!

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