Friday, May 16, 2008

In which I rant...

I've been at Big Mama's and she blogged today about how her husband P wanted his new shirts WASHED (which then required them to be ironed) before he would wear them.

That's a man for you. I'll guarantee he wouldn't complain about sensitive skin and such if HE was manning the washer and pushing the iron. It wasn't like we were talking about a brand new pair of those old kind of Levi's you couldn't bend your legs in!

But this brings me to some of the comments of the WOMEN on Big Mama today.

THEY also said that they wanted their new clothes WASHED before they wore them. What's that about??? I want to wear my brand-new clothes as long as I can without washing them. They are never the same! They never feel the same, never look the same and you can NEVER, EVER get them ironed the same. (And, Jean, I kind of like to iron too, but not as much as I used too.)

One commenter is a girl after my own heart, she said she was just like Minnie Pearl, she wanted to wear the clothes out of the store with the price tags on! That's me!

They are wigging out over there because somebody got wet at a water-park which necessitated a stop at Dollar General for a cheap change of clothes and , "GASP", wore a pair of UNWASHED panties out of the store! HELP ME! Forgive me here, but just how clean do they think that part of their body is?

My BFF'S and I often laugh about two "boutiques" that were open in our hometown during our high school years. Those stores SMELLED sooo good! The clothes we bought from there were permeated with that smell; we would wear those clothes as long as possible before we would wash them. We didn't want to lose the scent of THE PLACE or THE CHERRY BRANCH. The stores were expensive and on our high school girl budgets things from there were few and far between. The "smell" was something really special, so we hung on to it as long as we could!

You don't wash new clothes, because they are, you know, NEW!

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