Saturday, May 17, 2008

A little commotion

War has been waging here today. Rea brought a recorder home from school and has insisted on playing, or attempting to play “Amazing Grace” non-stop since yesterday. Needless to say, nerves are a little frayed; tempers are just a TAD short.

She was in her room this afternoon, squeaking her way through the sacred hymn when Syd snapped. Rea was able to hide the recorder before Syd gained access to her room, but Rea ran for her life and then Syd LOCKED Rea out of her room and began to search for the recorder.

Rea stood in the hall for a brief minute and then…locked herself in SYD’s room! They were locked in EACH OTHER’S room wreaking havoc!

Syd: Where is it!!!
Rea: Ooooh, look, what’s this!
Syd: I’ll kill you if you break anything!
Rea: Wow, you have MTV!
Syd: I found it!!!
Rea: Nelson is licking your stuff!!!

Syd eventually came out with the recorder and stashed it. We then stood outside her room and listened to Rea inside bumping and banging, and there would be an occasional maniacal laugh! Finally, we could hear a strange spraying sound and then a SMELL wafted under the door. That’s when we realized she was spraying Syd’s Scent of Christmas and Shades of Spring air fresheners TOGETHER into the air!

It was time for this fun to end. I made Rea come out and put down the air fresheners and slowly back away. The air was so thick you couldn’t breathe – we had to open the windows. I think we went in just in time!

Just as I thought I could go back to what I was doing, I heard Rea say, “GOTCHA”!! and held up Syd’s iPod and went tearing into her bedroom and slammed the door! Syd was in a quandary now!

But Syd put her thinking cap on; went to the garage and got a screwdriver and began to take the doorknob off. Rea then moved to the bathroom. Since this bathroom has two doors, Rea slipped out of the other side of the bathroom and ALSO took Syd’s laptop hostage.

Dang, I don’t that she shoulda done that!!

Things got less and less pretty after that. Peace had to be declared. War spoils had to be returned.

As a Mom I'm not supposed to take sides, but I was really rooting for Syd in this kerfuffle, that recorder gives me a HEADACHE!!

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