Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Lady Of the Lures

I've been busy selling fishing lures on eBay.

I've got just about any bass lure your little heart could desire! Do you need a Shad Rap? How about a Zara Spook or a Rat-L-Trap or a Rogue?

Could I interest you in some Minnows or a Super Cedar or a Bull Frog or a Rattlin Rap??? I have some Swim'N Images that are in EXCELLENT condition plus a Fat Free Shad or some Cotton Cordell's Super Spots!

Don't you need a Fire Tiger? Or a Bagley Bomber? Your collection CANNOT be complete without a Bill Norman Deep Diver 22 or a Bang-O-Lure or the super hot Zara Gossa! I'll bet you'd catch a whopper with a Pop'R or a Spit'N Image or Chug Bug!!

You just let me know what you need and I'll fix you up!

Oh yeah! One last item! How about some Zoom Lizards? PUMPKIN SEED! And get this! they have colored tails! I'll make you a real deal!

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