Monday, March 2, 2009

March came in like a lion...

and we finally got some snow! Six inches!!
Shelley loves the snow and was ready to go out bright and early. She stayed out for a very long time and I thought she was really enjoying it; snow has always been one of her favorite things - in her younger days she would play in the snow until she dropped. Running, cutting and wheeling in true herding dog fashion, supervising all snow-ball fights and snuffling her snout in the snow.

This morning however, she was done with the snow and ready to come in. I just didn't realize it for a long time. Apparently she had been circling the house and all of the outside steps were too slick for her to climb. It's so sad to see her get old and begin to slip away.

Nelson enjoyed it for a while too, he played outside with Scout and Trooper. But, My Boy is a little height challenged like his Mama and his belly gets cold. Plus, the longer he plays in the snow the more extra weight he picks up, by the time he came in he probably was three pounds heavier than usual, and shivering.

Getting those snow balls off is tough - Nelson gets a little persnickety if you pull too hard on them. It's messy if you wait them out. So, the easiest thing to do is give Nelson a quick bath, but as you can tell from the look on Nelson's face, a bath is something akin to torture.

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