Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am SO gonna try this!

Rosario Dawson intends to be a mom one day, but when her little ones do naughty things, the actress says she doesn’t believe in yelling — just torturing with her tongue.

"I think licking is a really great way of disciplining your child. It's definitely a lot better than screaming at them,"..."My mom did it to me for punishment, she loves to say that I came [from her] so she can do anything that she wants to me in public. If I was acting out or talking up or just being a precocious child as I was she would lick me and my face in front of all her friends."

And I have a friend who employed another technique that I wish I'd thought of when my girls were small and they were acting up in Wal-Marts - she would sing. VERY LOUDLY, like an opera singer. She says her children would literally beg her to stop and would always promise to behave and be obedient little beasts.

How's that for creative?

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cindy said...

I'm lovin' it! Can't think of any way it would be illicit! And probably high on the "works!" list...but I bet I'll here yours scream from your neck of this woods to mine!!