Thursday, March 5, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.

Yesterday morning when I pulled back in the driveway after school drop-off, I couldn’t find my garage door opener. It was missing from the visor of my Tahoe and I sat staring at the garage door for several minutes. I was very perplexed – but then suddenly became quite certain that someone had been joy-riding in my Tahoe!

The clues were all there; I had forgotten to take my keys out the night before and had left it sitting unlocked in the driveway. I had noticed when I got in earlier that morning that the radio was tuned to a different station that my usual Gerry House and the House Foundation and the most glaring bit of evidence was my missing opener!

Just as I started to hop out and go in the house to call Danny and report that someone had been out carousing in the night in my Tahoe and had changed my radio station and stolen my opener, I looked up one more time …and remembered that I don’t have a garage door opener any more. I haven’t had one in about four years – the Tahoe has those programmable buttons, one of which I HAD PUSHED to close the garage door when I left the driveway about ten minutes earlier.

Guess Rea is right…I am blonder than I pay to be.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Devry we are getting old!
Lov Nina