Friday, March 6, 2009

The Nameless DVD Box strikes back

I guess the Nameless Box didn't appreciate me blogging about it's short-comings, cause since Saturday, when I innocently requested that it record "Barefoot Contessa", Nameless Box began recording EVERY.SINGLE.PROGRAM on Food Network...for all eternity.

The Nameless Box was full to the brim with duplicates of "Chopped" and "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" and countless other shows that I had never seen and NEVER WANTED TO SEE.

Nameless Box refused to allow me to delete these programs from my TO BE RECORDED list, didn't include them on the Priority List (or TiVo's Season Pass screen) and denied all responsibility for them being recorded at all. Figures.

Then in the wee hours of Thursday morning I woke up and really needed to know the time. I'm weird that way, but I want to know what time it is all night long. Previously our cable box was what I depended on to keep me on schedule during the night, but now that job belongs to Nameless Box - but when I peered over the covers this morning...the Box said it was 1:124. Okay Box, is it 1:12? Or perhaps 11:24? A bleary-eyed investigation of the kitchen clock revealed that it was 3:40AM.

Tonight, the Geek Squad (a.k.a. Danny) has spent some time with the Nameless Box (I hope he jerked a knot in it's tail) and he says that things are set to rights now and it will behave.

We shall see.

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Kelly said...

You should get one of those clocks that shines IN GREAT BIG numbers the time on your bedroom ceiling like I do. That way I know the time(s) I wake up...1:30...2:30...3:30....4:30..if I'm lucky I go back to sleep. I've seen more sunrises in the past 6 months than in my whole life combined!