Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Battle on the Homefront

We are being overtaken by ANTS. HELP.

Every Spring when we get new mulch we always get a few ants in the house. We spray for them and usually it's not a big deal.

And honestly, they kind of fascinate me. Have you ever stopped to think about how they get the message about exactly WHERE the sugar bowl is. I've always liked to think about one teeny-tiny little ant going back to the colony and saying "Dudes, you aren't EVEN going to believe what I found!".

This time around, my fascination has run it's course. Ants are in the dishwasher, it doesn't seem to matter how many times a day I run it on rinse-cycle, they reappear within an hour or so.

The little guys are in the microwave - Danny zapped one for a minute and a half the other day. For the record, they are impervious to that too.

For some unknown reason, they have not discovered the cat food, ON.THE.FLOOR. What's that about? Not good enough for them?

They are in the silverware drawer, the drinking glasses cabinet and the spices cabinet.

And this morning - the most horrid violation of all. One was in my cup of coffee. I'm sorry, that's where I draw the line.

War has been declared.

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Anonymous said...

Ditto here!