Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I looked out one day last week and this semi and flatbed trailer were parked in the street. Our neighbors had received a load of sod and they were getting ready to unload it. The Blue Heeler on the trailer was impatiently pacing around the Grizzly Adams looking dude obviously waiting for something to happen... As soon as Grizzly moved toward the fork lift, Pickle (yeah, that's his name, isn't it cool) hopped on and was ready to ride.

I don't think Pickle or Grizzly quite knew what to think about the paparazzi.

Pickle was all about the fork lift - I suspect that he's ridden a time or two before. And holy creeping rhizomes Batman, that's bermuda grass. Help me.

I love that face.
After all of the sod was unloaded and they left, I thought they would let Pickle in the cab of the truck with them. Wrong. Look closely and you'll see him riding on the trailer - he was running and spinning in manic herding dog fashion as they picked up speed.
I think he'd ridden on that trailer a time or two before too...

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