Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've Got Mail!

Its 2:30 and I’m checking my email and according to the messages that are in my Inbox I need to get on the ball. I have lots of places to go, things to do and purchases to make. If I’m going to get this stuff cleared out I had better get cracking.

I need to book a Royal Caribbean cruise, a Carnival cruise and then VRBO wants me to make reservations in Hawaii. Sounds great! But before I go Xylacor wants me to lose a little weight on their remarkable Ephedra and another company feels that my unsightly stretch marks needs some attention – 100% GUARANTEED!

After I get my body in shape Johnnie Boden has some classics that I will wear forever! Then Victoria’s Secret has some Must-Have Bras and Venus wants me to order some things for Spring Break. Shipping is free at Land’s End and Croc’s so I guess I need to get a few things from them as well.

After I get home from all that cruising and relaxin’ – I’m going to get an Advanced Teaching Degree and a MBA at the same time. In case I need a little financial assistance, guess I’ll check into that guaranteed government grant (details inside), and I suppose they might want to know about my credit score (FIND OUT YOUR SCORE INSTANTLY!!). Do you think I should order the Black MacBook OR the 17-inch MacBook? Or how about accepting both offers? With all that homework from my degrees I probably could use two computers.

There were few other items that I thought might be useful around the house. Some Goop might come in handy, so maybe I'll order up a gross of that. Amazon has an offer for headphones, I lost mine again, so I'd like another pair. I don't know what 2 MAG pouch sets are, but why not? Glock has solid milk chocolate handguns and I'm so ordering those for the girls Easter Baskets, I'll bet they'll be they only kids on the block with those.

I love to cook and Williams-Sonoma has some cooking demonstrations that I just CAN’T miss; after that I’m going to run by Bass Pro Shops for the Spring Fishing Classic, looks like they have some lures and reels that I need. Who knows, they may even have some skeet stuff.

Oooops, there’s another email. Tennessee Concert Update. Dang, you think I can squeeze Elton John and Billy Joel in somewhere?


one crafty mama said...

hey, i seriously wanna go see ej and bj together!

Jim Voorhies said...

Somehow, I'm on a similar mailing list, just the male version.