Sunday, March 22, 2009

Age appropriate?

I don't know about you, but I still love a new box of crayons. There's nothing quite like them. All those beautiful colors, lined up in a row, just waiting to be used. Though I always sort of hated to mess them up. But, I did and enjoyed them until they were nubs. Then don't you remember taking all those scraps and nubs and melting them into one, big, mega crayon and drawing neat squiggly pictures on "vanilla" paper? And, if I could find a decent coloring book, I'd still color on occasion - but no one seems be able to print one that suits me anymore.

I'm a sucker for Play-Doh too; the smell almost makes me weak in the knees. My Mom would play Play-Doh with me when I was small, making tiny little plates & cups and bowls with food. My girls had Play-Doh through the years - and still do. I love to play with it now, there's nothing like a Play-Doh Fun Factory, I still love to make spaghetti!

I love to fly kites too. I like to keep a fairly decent one to take to the beach - they are so easy to fly there because of the steady wind off of the ocean. It's fun to watch a colorful kite way up in the sky and imagine what it would be like to fly. I guess it's why I love to parasail.

And bubbles, it's hard not to like bubbles. I derive a childish pleasure from bubbles. I find it hard to resist them in the check-out line even. I want to buy all of those bubble guns, the flavored bubbles and everything in between. Bubbles are one of my favorite birthday gifts to buy for little kids - much to the dismay of other moms!

I may be forty-six years old, but I sincerely hope that I never lose my ability to enjoy these childish pleasures. I have encouraged my girls to continue to enjoy these things too, to not think they are "too old" for them.

Based on today I'm thinking maybe at least that's one thing in the Mom Department that I've managed to do.


Anonymous said...

I bought coloring books and crayons for the kids (16 & 17 years old) to take to Florida with us. : )


Anonymous said...

Many must agree with "playdough" being a pleasurable scent as there is a "playdough" fragrance sold nowadays!