Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday

Frankie celebrates his birthday today – I have no memory of not knowing Frankie; our lives have been intertwined since birth. I could write all day on the ways that A) we are connected and B) all of the memories and fun times we have had together. However, the A part might take a Power Point flow chart, or at least a white board to keep everybody straight and the B part would take Frankie with his unique sense of humor to tell.

I will explain at least this much of our past – Frankie’s Dad and my Mom graduated from high school together in 1960. Lynn Grove High School Wildcats. They had been classmates for TWELVE years! Fast Forward twenty years, Frankie and I graduated together from Calloway County High School Class of 1980! Along with Don, we share the same last name, so we spent four years of home room together, besides being great childhood buddies.

Fast Fast Forward, Frankie and I both have two children – he two boys, me two girls. The two oldest are the same age, as are the two youngest. How is that for fate?

Although Frankie and Debbi (and a good number of our dearest friends) live a long way from us, we try to see them as often as we can. I can’t explain how we’ve managed to maintain the bond that we forged as children and through high school and beyond. I just know that Frankie is a special kind of friend that you don’t always have the opportunity to find and he is one of the truest pleasures of life.

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Frankie said...

Had a wonderful birthday with my family but reading your blog was the icing on the cake. It's hard sometimes to express how much our friends mean to us but you, Danny, the girls, and the rest of our gang are always special and always will be.
Love you, Frankie