Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A trip to the doggie spa...

Today was spa day for Shelley and Nelson – they go every two weeks for their beauty treatments. Looking beautiful and smelling nice isn’t high on their list of priorities, Shelley particularly thinks going to Sadie’s Snips is something akin to torture.

Sadie’s Snips is located in the neighborhood just next to ours and when the weather is nice we take Shelley and Nelson there on the golf cart. They both LIVE to ride on Danny’s lovely, red cart and somehow the humiliation of being bathed, groomed and pampered just seems a little less if you get to ride there and back on the CART!

So late this afternoon, Shelley and Nelson were ready, they were finally beautiful and much better smelling and Rea and I ran over to collect them.

Rea is learning to drive the golf cart, and while there were a couple of incidents this morning when I sucked air through my teeth, the trip this afternoon was quite uneventful; she did a really good job. She parked RIGHT in front (where I told her to); right there by the gate and in we went. And boy, was everybody HAPPY to see us!

We got all of our business, tail wags, licks and greetings out of the way and I went out and sat down in the passenger side of the golf cart. Rea was going to pilot us home, but she was trying to wrangle Nelson. Shelley still had some other “business “ to finish and when she was done she hopped up into the floor of the golf cart and…PLOPPED her PLUS SIZED Sheltie self onto the accelerator!

Shelley and I went from zero to TOP GOLF CART SPEED in a nanosecond and went STRAIGHT through the gate of a wood privacy fence. We ripped that sucker COMPLETELY OFF THE HINGES! All I could do was scream “OH! OH!, OH!” Rea hung onto the side of the cart DRAGGING HER FEET trying to stop it!!

Once we slammed into the fence it knocked Shelley off of the accelerator – otherwise I don’t know where we would have ended up! Poor Millie the boxer, was inside the fence, she will probably be marred for life. That dog was some kind of upset!

And sadly, Danny’s beautiful, candy-apple red golf cart is no longer pristine. It is imperfect. It has been fouled. It is blemished. It is scratched, the headlight is broken, a cowling is cracked, a fender is scratched and the windshield is marred.

But you know the wonderful part? I DIDN’T DO IT! THE DAMN DOG DID!


Anonymous said...

This is kind of like a dog ate my homework story......I can't believe you would blame this on a defenseless dog. At least it gives Danny the opportunity to buy a MAN'S golf cart. :) Unlike the woman's car he drives.........

Kelly said...

Dev, For some strange reason I just remembered your run-in with a three wheeler (if my memory serves me correctly) that took a bunch of your hide off on the asphalt. Wasn't that you? Aren't you afraid of small motorized vehicles by now?