Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun at Grandma's

Things have been quiet around here this week, Rea has been in Kentucky spending time with Danny's parents. She's had a busy week of hanging out with cousins, staying up late, running amok and probably not bathing.

I talked with Grandma Shirley last night; we were making plans to procure Rea (do we meet halfway, do they drive the four hours here, do I drive the four hours there, blah, blah, blah). She told me then that she had asked Rea if she was homesick and ready to go and she replied "No, just dogsick". Now I know where we rate.

On a sidenote, remember that I told you sometime back that Grandma Shirley had severed her pointer finger in a run-in with a tablesaw. We won't go into the ins and outs of A) why a Grandma feels the need to use power tools and B) if that need is so overwhelming why she doesn't exercise safety precautions. But it seems that she and Bob-Bob may be losing all of their little toys.

Yesterday Bob-Bob decided to gnaw a hunk off HIS finger, which then required some repair work with stitches. So now Danny's brother Darren has threatened to confiscate all of their power tools. Maybe we need to schedule some sort of Black & Decker intervention? A Dewalt detox? Perhaps we could enroll them in a power tool remedial class?

They don't really seem to mind that they keep lopping off fingers and hunks of skin, but at this point we are beginning to look at nursing homes. It won't be long before before all of their fingers are gone and they'll have nothing but NUBS.

I wonder if they've been letting Rea saw? I think I need to make a phone call!

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