Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Tis a Gift...

I’d like to share something today that truly touched my heart.

The Father –in-Law of a dear friend is facing some tough medical challenges and is in the hospital following surgery. She and her young daughter went for a brief visit today to check up on Pappy.

As they stepped out of the room following their visit, my friend could see her husband, Pappy’s Son, coming down the hallway toward her. Swinging at his side was a large, metal bucket and she could not figure out what in the world he was doing in the hospital with this BIG, METAL, BUCKET.

You see, Pappy has a small garden that he loves to piddle in. He especially enjoys growing tomatoes and peppers; he always seems to have extras to give away (I like that part). This hospital stay coincided with the ripening of his first tomatoes of the season. Son didn’t want him missing out on that – so, he went out and picked them all, then loaded them up in a bucket and brought them to him in the hospital. (He also remembered to include small paper bags for giving the tomatoes away).

Those first tomatoes of the season are now lined up on the windowsill of the hospital like beautiful bouquets - prettier than any flower. Pappy can enjoy their beauty and share them too, just like always.

Such a simple gesture, but can you think of anything sweeter?

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