Friday, July 18, 2008

In which we paint....

Syd and I have been doing some redecorating lately. What was fomerly Rea's room and the adjoining bath that the girls shared, is now the Guest room and Syd's bath. Guests will share that bath with Syd when they are here overnight. Both rooms are now Appletini Green (like my Adirondack chairs) and are VERY bright. That is what Syd picked out, so if you come to stay ovenight you might what to pack your Ray Bans.

Now we are painting Rea's room Stellar Blue and the bath Sail Blue. These rooms are equally as bright as the Appletini and the sunglasses recommedation also applies!

I must say that Syd has the makings of a first class painter; she doesn't like to cut-in, so I do that part. But she tapes off, rolls, (which I don't like to do), takes down hardware and puts it back up, is good to run to the paint store and pick up supplies and has generally been TONS of help. She has made this job so much easier.

Syd also had to rescue me a not so bright moment I left the lid to my paint can laying on the floor. As I was crawling around to paint the edges of the room, I somehow managed to SWIPE both of my FEET through the paint on the lid. Paint was on the bottom of one foot and paint was through the toes of the other...all I could do was lay on the floor with my feet up to keep it from dripping on the carpet.

Finally Syd brought me paper towels, but did a lot of tsking and wondering out loud about my mental health and her future.

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