Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost and Found

Way back in January I lost my good cheaters. They were prescription glasses and although they were a bit catty-whompussed from where I had slung them out of my Tahoe and promptly stomped on them, I much preferred them over the dollar store variety that I had laying around.

The last time I had my glasses on was at Rea's birthday party - we returned to the scene of the crime and searched high and low. We went through a lot of the trash, dug through all of her gift bags and peered under the seats of my Tahoe. My cheaters were gone, though I couldn't blame this loss on a place called the Twinklin' Star.

Fast forward to the funeral on Wedneday.

As I pulled into the funeral home, I decided that I needed to freshen up my lip gloss, so I preceded to dig through my Mary Poppins purse, unzipped the side pocket, pulled out my lip gloss...AND MY GLASSES.

And to answer your first obvious question. YES. I've been packing the same purse since January 18th. Guess this discovery doesn't reflect well on: a) my beauty routine b) my short-term memory skills c) search and recovery skills or d) my sense of fashion.

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Kelly said...

Been there, done it...