Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well, Prom is finally over...and I think we all survived.

It was whirlwind day of hair appointments, soccer games and picking up flowers.

At 1:00 Syd went across the street to have her make-up done at the home of one of her closet childhood friends. It was like Grand Central Station: Moms, prom girls, extra girlfriends, dates, dates Mom's, lots of cars, dogs, cats, brothers, make-up, curling irons and hairspray. And I didn't want to miss a second of it.

Of the nearly two hundred pictures I took yesterday - the vignette below is my favorite. After every hair was in place and all the making up was done, Syd and Emma wanted a picture together. We were on a TIGHT timeline. Syd ran home, put her dress on and Emma dressed quickly too. We had a quick photo session outside and quickly parted ways.

I looked up to see Syd trip-trapping down the driveway in her orange heels - that girl was making some time. Her dress was a-flyin', legs were flashing and I think she even made the traffic stop.

Syd & Emma all gussied up...

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