Sunday, January 25, 2009

Has anybody seen my cheaters?

The first thing that I do each morning is get a cup of coffee, check my email, peruse Google Reader to see which blogs have updated and then check Facebook.

This morning I was trying to do all this sans glasses - I lost my good glasses last weekend (I know some of you out there are really surprised at this news). So, on Facebook I had a New Friend Request (yeah me), but I didn't recognize the name, but I was barely able to determine that the person had graduated from my high school, so I'm thinking, what the heck, everybody needs friends, right?

So, when her profile pops up, I'm squinting at her picture and she's sitting in front of this beautiful house, lush landscaping and I think, well, it looks as if whoever she is, must live in California. But, her profile doesn't mention anything about California, hmmmmm.

Danny comes in the room and I say, look at this girl, I think she lives in California, look at the picture.

HELLO Nelson's Mama. She's sitting in front of the Visitors Center of your husband's employer. FIND.YOUR.GLASSES.

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