Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obsession Confession

I used to clean house as a hobby - I would spend hours and hours scouring counter-tops, picking cracks with toothpicks. A tidy house is important to me and I still own an arsenal of cleaners and special brushes that I can whip out if I need too. But, interpeeps, once I started staying home and this house became my FULL-TIME JOB, I got over some of my predilections of cleanliness. The fun just kind of went out the window - cleaning was no longer an escape from reality, it was my reality. And damned if it didn't get old.

My Rowenta iron and I used to be tight too - I ironed everything that wasn't nailed down. I could iron with the best of them, my Granny and my Mama taught me right when it came to ironin'. For years my girls did not leave the house for school without every stitch of their clothes ironed. I creased their jeans, I ironed T-shirts...I even ironed knit shorts.

My ironing obsession didn't stop at their clothes and mine, I also starched and ironed our pillow cases - I love the way they look, feel and smell. I've even gave sheet ironing a whirl, cause I really hate wrinkled sheets, but I failed at that, it's like wrestling an octopus. Thanks to my Mom, I'd even discovered the joys of liquid starch and have used it to starch and iron king-size duvet covers, dust ruffles, tableclothes and the like.

Anyhoo, in November 2007, I had hip surgery...and my ironing obsession came to what I thought was a temporary halt. I had things ironed up in advance, enough, I thought, to get me through. But my recovery took longer than I thought and the plus side is: I've never gone back to ironing. Me and my Rowenta broke up. Oh, we rendezvous every now and then, but I've learned to wear a T-shirt that hasn't been ironed and Magic Sized. I can now wear jeans that don't have the pockets pressed completely flat. Syd & Rea go to school like all of the other kids - in clothes that have been folded from the dryer and not pressed within an inch of their lives.

But, I've still got it. I can starch a dress shirt nearly as good as the cleaner (but don't tell Danny).


Kelly said...

You need to give me a lesson...I'm still double creasing sleeves!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You would never give my ironing your stamp of approval. When I actually do iron, it is usually a quickie on top of the dryer. I do not even have an ironing board! LOL! You should see our dry cleaning bill for all of Bobby's nicely pressed work shirts! Cindy C.