Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is the first year anniversary of My Boy Nelson, this is my 225th post!

Writing a blog isn’t something that I ever expected to do – and if it hadn’t been for Jo’s challenge and encouragement, I don’t think I would have ever taken the plunge. But she believed in me and so here we are today.

There are so many things I would love to write about on My Boy Nelson. Sometimes those things absolutely stymie me and cause me to be completely unable to write about the inane or light-hearted things you expect. I read many blogs and believe me, there are tons of great writers out there and they are SO talented - they are transparent about their spiritual lives, politics, friendships and relationship problems. Often times when things are heavy on my heart and mind, I wish that I too had the courage to be as open as they are.

However, I fiercely want to protect the privacy and dignity of my family and friends and have avoided (or hope I have) throwing anyone under the bus. It hasn’t been because I haven’t wanted to – it’s taken great self control. I tell you this because, sometimes I do write about these things. But as you could imagine, putting them up on my blog could get very complicated, so I just keep them to myself.

I knew that I loved animals- always have, but I didn’t expect them to be the dominating theme of My Boy Nelson. A time or two along the way, I made a conscious effort to write less about them and post fewer animal pictures. But then, I thought about it and I decided that was WHO I was…if that was what I gravitated toward, then so be it, that’s how My Boy Nelson would evolve. If that was what touched my heart and inspired me – then that’s who Nelson’s Mama was.

I also realized that My Boy Nelson is really my electronic scrapbook. You see, I don’t like scrapbooking. I LOVE the supplies – I think the books are cool, those scissors really rock and I want all of the stickers, the paper, the die-cuts, you name it. But, I CAN.NOT cut the pictures. It kills me. I am also paralyzed by the commitment it requires to put them on a specific page. What if I change my mind about where I’ve put a picture? What if I fail to accurately capture the whole story I’m trying to nail down on a single page? I think the thing I've really liked about my blog is the old cliché that a picture really does paint a thousand words. I love the back-story of a single photograph; and I want to tell you that story.

Often this feels like a one-sided conversation – with me doing all the talking. I know you, the readers, are out there, because I have a Statcounter. I can tell when you log in and have a pretty good idea who most of you are. I love it when you comment – it validates what I’m doing and saying. You’re a pretty mute bunch though and just about the time I’m ready to hang it up, I run into someone at the grocery or you’ll comment on something that has hit home with you and I’m ready to keep plugging away.

This has been a wonderful journey and I'm glad you've taken it with me.


Nelson's Mama


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a great milestone! thank you for writing - I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me also take this opportunity to apologize for all those times I may have infuriated you, but you couldn't write about it! :) Love ya! Jo

Chelsy said...

Ditto what Jo said. I love reading your blog and hope you keep it up! Chelsy

Cindy said...

You KNOW I read this thing-usually as soon as I have the email that there's a new one available! Write on, fellow alto!

Kelly said...

Happy Blogiverary! Ken and I have gotten plenty of giggles from your blog. It's become one of our sources of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I love to read your blog! More people would leave comments if it were not so darned hard to get a password that works. Mine never does so I finally figured out that I could hit "anonymous" but just sign my name in the "text" Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

This is great Devry,, I love reading your stuff, its enlighten,funny and soo true. Keep it up! I know you have more of a future in writting than you relize:) lov ya nina

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