Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess you have to take what you can get...

Danny has had a lot of things going on at work lately – he’s had lots on his mind. Things have been more stressful than usual and he’s been working longer hours.

Today though, Danny is doing the happy dance. His beloved Kentucky Wildcats have a new coach. He is excited and, people, let me tell you, I have heard EVERY.LAST.DETAIL. about John Calipari. If you need to know anything about him – just ask.

And if that wasn’t good enough – the Termite Man has been and completed our annual inspection and our house PASSED with flying colors. Danny lives in fear of our humble home being consumed by the dreaded termite. He’s convinced they are lurking in the walls to snack on our foundation; I think he must have nightmares about GIANT TERMITES. He’s always practically giddy when we get a clear report!

I guess the only way his day could get better is if he got to spend some time with me...ahem...shooting skeet.

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Terry said...

Awww...make the poor man's day complete and go shoot some skeet with him!