Monday, April 27, 2009

We got us some sisterly love

I made this series of pictures of the girls for our Christmas cards in early December. I know - don't they look cute? Don't be fooled...they were actually fighting like cats and dogs. What looks like a smile on Syd's face in the middle picture is really a grimace and of most of the time she was yelling "Mom, she's breathing on me!" and slapping Rea in the head.

Rea actually enjoyed the photo session; she got to invade Syd's personal space bubble and made the most of it by breathing hard and trying to lick her. As a result, this is the last picture I have of them together.

As I've mentioned before, I grew up without a sibling close in age, this constant fighting and bickering is something I'm just not equipped to handle. There does not seem to be any love between the two of them at this point and I simply don't get it -I'd really like for them sing a little Kumbaya, kiss, hug and be done with this mess. But apparently that's not how the rules of the game work.

During Spring Break we spent the day on an outing with guests. Syd blessed us with her presence because we were eating at one of her favorite places, Miss Mary Bobo's. Rea also chose this day to focus in on Syd with a laser like intensity, making her life a living hell. She mocked Syd and poked her, she followed immediately in her footsteps and even pulled her hair. If there is a little sister handbook of annoying tips, I think Rea studied it the night before.

I have to give Syd credit, because of our guests, she kept her cool...and believe me, she didn't want to, and it wasn't easy for me. Because it was more than a little embarrassing.

Later that afternoon, we were outside in the driveway just hanging out and Rea started up with her shenanigans again, I could tell Syd was about to snap. I stepped to Rea and very softly whispered in her ear:

"Your sister is fixin' to tie in on you and I'm NOT going to stop her. You've asked for it all day, when she beats the crap out of you DON'T come cryin' to me."

Yep, I got me some awesome parenting skilz....

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one crafty mama said...

throw a little brother in the mix and the HELL is so much bettah! hey, guess where i went this weekend? the BILL BELLIS BOTEL. what a cool place!