Monday, January 5, 2009

Wal-Marts, Dog Food and Starbucks

I've had to return once again to the most nefarious of all retail worlds - Wal-Marts. I failed to purchase dog food when I was there on Wednesday. A Sheltie and a Shih Zhu can be pretty dang pushy about their morning Alpo, kind of like some people and their morning cup of joe.

So, I braved the gloomy Sunday afternoon and what feels like an impending stomach bug to buy dog food and to shop lift a pound of Starbucks coffee. You read it right, when I got to my vehicle, hidden beneath my big, old black purse was my other vital purchase. My Starbucks Colombia coffee.

I'm asking for your prayers, because I didn't take that coffee back in the store and pay for it like a good girl. I guilty slung it in the back of my Tahoe and I drove home. I was cold, it was getting dark and the skies looked as if it would rain at any moment. Besides the fact that I felt as if I might hurl in the parking lot.

Granted I had a moment of concern or two, this wasn't like my kid walking out with a pack of gum, have you seen the price on Starbucks coffee lately? This could be a felony offense if I get caught. Plus, Rea was riding shotgun, I also contributed to the delinquency of a minor...

I'll be doing a cart check from now on, but just in case, would you please include me in your prayers?

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Katie said...

Hee hee hee, I do that all the time. Food and stuff gets stuck under Alexa's car seat. Wal Mart does have a good Loss Prevention team, if you see anyone making a mad dash for you, Run! :D Katie