Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

I've put off writing a "Happy New Year" post - I didn't have any prophetic wisdom to throw your way, but it seems that every other blogger out in the free world has written one. I think there must be a rule about it. So. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I'm not planning on making any resolutions either, I've done that on multiple occasions and failed miserably, so I'll just leave that be. Perhaps a couple of goals for the year would be nice; and I thought briefly of telling you what they were. But, I thought better of it, because if I tell you, then you might just hold me accountable for I'll just keep them in my little pea brain.

The tree, oh the tree, is now down. Syd worked diligently (after a bribe) and helped me undecorate it. Mr. OCD himself didn't like the way that I wanted to put the ornaments away, so he paid her to help me in his place. I have issues about some things too and he just can't handle it when my peculiarities rear their little heads.

And you let a tree decorating/undecorating commence and the felines come out of the woodwork. We could not walk for Oscar - he laid in the middle of the floor and supervised our every move. Vivi, however, discovered the newspaper and tissue that was in the boxes and spent her time believing that she was invisible:

School and work starts back tomorrow. Once again, I'm ready to get back in our groove. It's time for me and Nelson and Shelley and Oscar and Vivi and Ben to rattle around in the house alone for a while and regroup

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Katie said...

The kitty picture could be a Christmas greeting card! You need to sell that to Hallmark.